Below are prayer requests for people in our synod or people connected with our synod. Please remember these brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers.

In general, prayer requests will remain on our website for three weeks, unless an update is received regarding the individual.

Privacy notice: As we wish to respect the privacy of the individuals in our synod, we will only post prayer requests we have been given permission to share with others.

  • Prayers for Kim Uemura, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop & Financial Recording Manager, as she recovers from surgery.
  • Prayers for the family and friends Pr. Ron Haseley at his death.
  • Prayers for the family and friends of Pr. Donald Hare at his death.
  • Prayers for Ken Fischer, for health concerns. (Ken is Holly Fischer’s husband; Holly is the Synod Council Secretary.)
  • Prayers continue for our swords to be transformed into plowshares and for peace to become tangible in our world at continuing news of violence.
  • Prayers that God be with the people of Ukraine as war comes to the country. Be a tower of safety for those who cry out to you, O God. Bring a swift end to the violence. Give comfort to all who mourn. Bring peace quickly. In the name of Jesus Christ.