Cultivate is the Southern Ohio Synod’s initiative to encourage and resource new Lutheran worshiping communities within our mission area in innovative holy experiments that are authentic and relational in their context, meeting people where they gather.

Through our partnership with the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, we are able to offer excellent training and mentoring to both lay leaders and rostered ministers who are dreaming of new ways to draw new people into relationship with Jesus.

You can explore our current Cultivate Ministries below to learn more about each of them and how you can get connected!

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The Beloved Community at Tikkun Farm

The Beloved Community at Tikkun Farm intends to be a community of companionship for pilgrims committed to engaging in the spiritual inner work that increases our capacity to see the presence of Love in all things.

The Beloved Community at Tikkun Farm welcomes all pilgrims seeking companionship on this inward journey bringing us home to our truest selves.


Cultivate St Anns HillCultivate: St. Anne’s Hill

Cultivate St. Anne’s Hill is a new experimental Cultivate Ministry centered in Dayton’s St. Anne’s Hill Historic District. We are in the early stages of development, exploring the neighborhood and getting to know residents, business owners, and members of civic groups. Pop up gatherings have been held at the Gem City Catfé (a great coffee house that supports a built-in cat rescue); The Local 937 (a corner sandwich shop with a back patio and picnic tables); and at a neighborhood park. At these gatherings, we are getting to know each other, contemplating scripture, and praying for the holy spirit to be with us. People abiding with us have ranged from 9 months old to mid-70’s, and the gatherings are intentionally inclusive and accepting of all people.

image0Bible @ The Biltmore

Bible @ the Biltmore is a Cultivate Ministry at a high-rise tower in Downtown Dayton for low-income seniors and disabled adults. A few years ago, members from First Lutheran Church of Dayton started taking coffee and pastries to one of the Biltmore’s common rooms. The idea was just to abide with residents, but the Spirit had bigger plans. Before long, the group started praying and occasionally sang a song. Now, the group meets weekly for coffee, pastries, conversations, mutual support, psalms, Jesus stories, songs, prayer, and blessings. Members of several area ELCA churches now come to the Biltmore to be with this group, which has coalesced into a beautiful worshiping community.

Gather Cincinnati Logo

Gather Cincinnati

Gather Cincinnati is a faith community of young adults from the greater Cincinnati area. Gather has been meeting for worship, fellowship, and service since April 2021, and is partnered with and supported by congregations across the greater Cincinnati area. All young adults are welcome to join Gather in community, and church leaders interested in partnering with Gather are welcome to connect to become a partner congregation.


MomenToUs color e1688690724678MomenToUs

MomenToUs is a new way of building a faith community, focusing on God’s presence in every single one of our moments, through digital & in-person gatherings. This ministry launched on Easter Sunday 2023.





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Paraclete Post

Equipping families to grow in faith together.

Centered around the liturgical calendar, households will receive monthly parcels that explore different themes. Each parcel contains:

  • A high-quality picture book
  • An art print poster
  • Prompts for family conversation
  • Suggestions for spiritual play
  • An epistle to provide background and encouragements to caregivers
  • Recommendations for further family reading

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image0Saints, Sinners, & Sandwiches

Saints, Sinners & Sandwiches is a growing community of faith that gathers weekly around a dinner table.  We are also building community online through social media and podcasting. 

We meet at Charlie’s Deli on Troy St. in Old North Dayton on Thursdays at 5:30 PM.  We share what’s going on in our lives, discuss stories about Jesus, pray for each other, and share good food.  Our group is diverse and welcoming.  

We believe that everybody is at a different point in their spiritual journey, and that’s OK.  Everyone is welcome, including those who question what Christianity is all about.  You are safe here, even if you are skeptical.  If you have been previously hurt by a church for who you are (or aren’t), we are sorry that happened.  We believe that God loves EVERYBODY outrageously–including you.