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Equipping families to grow in faith together.

Paraclete Post is a mail-based family ministry that makes sense!

Children love mail; it is exciting to check the mailbox for what is inside on any given day.

Letters were important in the early church. Paul and other leaders sent letters to encourage, guide, and teach the faithful.

Caregivers are met where they are with tools to nurture a home environment where together, the whole family can grow in faith.

Goals for Paraclete Post

Through participation in Paraclete Post and its use of diverse, theologically encouraging, and inclusive children’s literature, children and their families will:

  • Grow in their knowledge that God loves them for who they are
  • Build stronger bonds to their faith and with each other
  • Discover more ways to express and explore their faith
  • Seek greater connection to the church and community

Program Design

Centered around the liturgical calendar, households will receive periodic parcels that explore different themes. Each parcel contains:

  • A high-quality picture book
  • An art print poster
  • Prompts for family conversation
  • Suggestions for spiritual play
  • An epistle to provide background and encouragements to caregivers
  • Recommendations for further family reading

What are folks saying about Paraclete Post?

“Our family enjoyed reading the book together and using the discussion questions to think deeper about the Christmas story.”


“It was great to have something packaged and ready for me that helped me to engage my daughters mind, get her thinking about Advent, and gave us suggestions for how to incorporate the topics into play so that she could further explore. Very much appreciate the experience and look forward to more!”


“We have been blessed with a solid partner in the spiritual rearing of our children.”


“Love this idea- it’s a great way to have interesting conversations about stories in the Bible and correlate them with current events in our world.”


“My daughter really engaged with the book and asked a lot of thoughtful questions.”


“The artwork has stimulated conversation and invites our children’s creativity to bubble to the top.”

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