The Collaborative is the Southern Ohio Synod’s program to revitalize congregations by equipping leaders and their communities of faith to build relationships, deepen faith, grow community, and identify and respond to God’s call for their congregation.

Stronger and Better Together

Change is hard.
But together we face that challenge.

In this effort you are not alone. Joined by congregations from across the Synod we will journey together to discover what God has in store for your community and how your church can play a part. We bring congregations together in cohorts for four training retreats to learn together proven strategies to help congregations grow stronger together and grow out into their communities as they discover the joy of participating in God’s mission to their communities. In addition, we bring congregations together for one-day workshops on specialized topics. This allows congregations to maintain momentum and extend their learning.

This is not a learn-and-leave-it-behind workshop series: every congregation returns home from every training retreat with a plan!

Are you ready to join th­e Collaborative?
Contact Pastor Katie Kerrigan
Director of Evangelical Mission, Southern Ohio Synod

God is calling your congregation to the ‘life that really is life!’

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life. 1 Timothy 6:18-19 NRSV

God is calling your congregation to the ‘life that really is life!’ Answer that call by being a part of the Southern Ohio Synod’s ‘The Collaborative’! The Collaborative positions congregations to revitalize and grow in faith and in numbers for years to come. Each congregation’s call to ministry in their community is unique, but we have found common ground in the Collaborative’s focus on sharing: Congregations sharing similar experiences and challenges, as well as their hopes and dreams, and the Congregational Vitality Team’s sharing of a variety of approaches and tools proven to build vitality in congregations of every size. On this common ground, we find the courage to dream big—to reconsider the old and risk experimenting with the new—so that we may take hold of the life that really is life, in vital and life-giving ministries in our communities.

The Collaborative is an 18-month journey of discovery, assessment, and action, facilitated by four training sessions held every six months. The journey begins with your pastor and a few adventurous and dedicated lay leaders, but is carried out and developed by the entire congregation, so there’s no top-down programming that congregations will pay lip service to, but quickly disregard.

Read what Pr. Jamie Vannoy, Good Shepherd, Kettering, has to say about their experience so far with The Collaborative:

In the first three months, we have come up with a plan to study together and pray together. We have already changed one of our programs this summer to be more inclusive to our community and not just be something we do for members of our church. 

Good Shepherd’s lay members are feeling very empowered from the learning and growth from this journey so far and the discussions with the other churches (in the program). The immediate changes are exciting others in the congregation and we look forward to getting everyone involved as we continue.

In this effort, members of The Collaborative are not alone. You work together with congregations from across the synod as you journey together to discover what God has in store for your community and how your church can play a part!

We encourage you to contact Pr. Katie Kerrigan, Director of Evangelical Mission, at or 614.714.3157, to learn more and become a part of the second class of The Collaborative!

Download The Collaborative brochure below to learn more and share with your leaders. Don’t wait! God is calling you to new things and ‘life that really is life’!

Collaborative Brochure