Filling the God-Shaped Hole

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Focusing on mission and the future; reaching out to touch people’s lives; having an abundance rather than scarcity mindset; using consent agenda. These are things that Susan Fox, a member of Christ the King, West Chester, valued learning at an “Effective Congregation Council” workshop she attended in 2020.

Susan appreciated learning from Pastor Mike Ward, the workshop leader, about how to be a more effective leader. “I love stories,” she said, “and really liked the story Mike told about recruiting people for the Altar Guild. Just saying ‘We need more people’ was not effective. But sharing a story about a woman who found setting up the altar to be an incredible spiritual experience inspired others to join. I loved that! I’m chair of our Altar Guild!”


Susan’s love for her church is evident. She takes well-deserved pride that her congregation began new outreach programs even during the pandemic. And it’s why Susan served on her congregation council and attended the Effective Congregation Council workshop. “There is a God-shaped hole in our lives,” she explained. “The church needs to be strategic and vision oriented; helping people connect to God and fill the hole.”

The Effective Congregation Council workshop Susan attended is just one of several programs funded by the Thrive! Mission Campaign, which is working to make us stronger and better together. It’s filling the God-shaped hole in many lives already. Want to help? Hold a Thrive! Campaign at your congregation? Contact Pastor Larry Donner, the Thrive! Campaign Manager, to learn more.