A Pleasing Surprise

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“We have some follow up to do this week, but I’m so pleased!”


Pastor Mel Musser of Trinity Lutheran, Pitsburg, had good reason to be pleased. Trinity’s congregational leaders had bumped the target goal for their Thrive! Campaign to $15,000 after advance commitments by the leadership almost reached their original $7,500 goal. The rest of the congregation had its opportunity to make commitments on November 13th . The result? A whopping $17,340 in total commitments to Thrive!


Trinity has now joined the ranks of many other congregations that, upon informing members about the goals of the Thrive! Campaign, have been pleasantly surprised by the generous response. People get excited to learn what Thrive! will do for congregations, their leaders, and our synod, and they want to get on board.


A pleasing surprise can be had by your congregation, too. Learn more by contacting Pastor Larry Donner, the Thrive! Campaign Manager.