A Message from Bp. Dillahunt: Thank You Pr. Donner!

Bishop Suzanne Darcy Dillahunt southern ohio synod

Dear Southern Ohio Synod,

Four years ago, Pastor Larry Donner came out of retirement to serve as the Campaign Manager for Thrive! We give thanks that he said an enthusiastic, “Yes!” to God’s call to serve in this way.

For the past 4 years, Pastor Larry Donner has diligently and faithfully served in this role, guiding congregations through holding Thrive! Campaigns, writing weekly newsletters, and sharing stories of the excitement surrounding the goals of this campaign.

Through the Thrive! Campaign, we will continue to:

  1. Equip Lay Leaders
  2. Raise up Leaders for Smaller Congregations
  3. Strengthen Rostered Ministers
  4. Launch New Congregations and Reach New People
  5. Enhance Worship Practice

If you would like to read stories of how the Thrive! Campaign has already made an impact, please click here.

Pastor Donner has officially retired (again). We give thanks for his faithful leadership as the Thrive! Campaign Manager. And, we give thanks for you, Southern Ohio Synod, as we continue to faithfully serve where God is calling us, knowing that we are Stronger and Better Together … Joining Jesus in the Restoration of the World!

In Christ,
Bp. Suzanne Darcy Dillahunt