Thrive! Campaign Update – 7.19.22

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Why do congregations holding Thrive! campaigns keep surpassing their target goals by 200, 300, 500 percent and more? It’s because when church members are informed about Thrive’s campaign goals, they get excited, filled with hope, and respond with overflowing generosity. Consider the recent campaign held by Peace, Georgetown!

“You were right — the program works!” exclaimed Pastor Laura Shreffler to Campaign Manager, Larry Donner, as she reported on Peace’s recent campaign. Pastor Shreffler was offering a sentiment expressed by leaders of every congregation holding a Thrive! campaign so far. All underestimated how much people would be inspired upon learning about Thrive! and were then surprised by the results.

Peace set a $9,000 target goal and was pleasantly surprised when council and campaign team leaders made advance commitments of $11,000. But folks were blown away after the rest of the congregation was invited to make commitments — and the total jumped to $27,600! 

Yes, Thrive! works! And it’s working to bring hope and support to congregations like yours!

Watch the short VIDEO update below to learn more about where the campaign now stands — and how your congregation can take part — by clicking on the link below. Or contact Pastor Larry Donner, Thrive! Campaign Manager for further information. Thank you!


Screen Shot 2022 07 18 at 11.01.21 PM