Inspired Generosity

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“I wonder what results we'd get if we did a similar campaign next fall for (our) stewardship?”


That is the sentiment expressed by a campaign leader from St. Paul’s, Newark, after recently completing their Thrive! campaign and surpassing their $7,500 target goal with an incredible $31,243 committed by 28 households of the congregation.


Clearly, St. Paul’s campaign team did an excellent job of inspiring generosity among their members, in addition to informing them about the benefits to be derived from goals of the Thrive! campaign. And like many others that have held Thrive! campaigns, the experience also gave them a model for how to hold stewardship campaigns for funding their own ministries.


Thrive! is not just about raising money to fund needed synod programs not covered by regular mission support. It is also about helping congregations do their own stewardship more effectively so that their own ministries can grow. Just ask the good folks at St. Paul’s!


Learn how to inspire generosity in your congregation through Thrive! Contact Pastor Larry Donner, the Thrive! Campaign Manager. He will show you how to join with churches like St. Paul’s whose successful Thrive! campaigns are bringing new life to congregations of the Southern Ohio Synod.