Inspired by Generosity

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“When I first learned about the Thrive! campaign, I was immediately inspired,” stated Pastor Michelle Terry of Bethlehem Lutheran, Middletown.


Sharing further on why she supports the campaign, Pastor Terry continued: “First and foremost, we’re working together for the greater good of the Church. I am excited that we are providing leadership training for congregations. Also, Thrive! will help smaller congregations in a number of ways, which is wonderful news.”


“I pledged to Thrive!,” said Pastor Terry, “because I would not be where I am — or who I am — without the generosity of others. I graduated from seminary without having to take out any student loans because a couple in the ELCA funded my scholarship through ‘The Fund for Leaders.’ This allowed me to accept a part-time call since I didn’t have the enormous weight of graduate school loans to consider. It gave my congregation the opportunity to have a pastor, since paying a full-time pastor would be too much stress on its budget.”


“The couple who funded my scholarship never met me,” explained Pastor Terry, “but they thought helping people go to seminary was good for the Church. Their generosity, and their trust that God would work through their generosity, continues to inspire me. Thrive! gives me the chance to be generous and trust God will work through my generosity, too. I cannot wait to see what God does through this campaign.”


Thrive! is bringing inspirational generosity to congregations across our synod. What about yours?


Pastor Larry Donner, the Thrive! Campaign Manager, is ready to help you recruit a Thrive! campaign team, train them, and provide all the resources needed to run an inspiring campaign for your congregation. Contact him at


Note: 10% of all unrestricted gifts to the Thrive! Campaign will help underwrite an ELCA Fund for Leaders Scholarship in the name of the Southern Ohio Synod mission territory.