Copy of 2023 Fall Cultivate Roadshow Cincinnati Conference

A Taste of Cultivate Ministries: Dayton Conference

Wondering what Cultivate Ministries are all about?


Cultivate ministries are “fresh expressions of church” that bring Jesus to the places where people are gathering. What does that look like? Come and see! Bring your imaginations!


Our team is rolling out a roadshow of experiential events to locations near you, starting with Cincinnati and Dayton.


At each event, we’ll talk about the theological, spiritual, and practical underpinnings of these outside-the-box ministries. But we won’t just be talking, we’ll be experiencing.


Each event will feature:

  1. A Dinner Church session, during which we’ll share a Jesus Story and worship while gathered around our lunch table.
  2. A second experiential session in which we take part in another example of what a fresh expression of church can be. This session will vary from location to location, so you can go to multiple gatherings at different locations and experience different forms of church.

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The event is finished.


Nov 04 2023


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Dayton Metro Library
300 Abbey Ave., Dayton, OH 45417