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Please read this article BEFORE your first or any subsequent meeting you have if you use Zoom.

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How to get the most of Zoom:

The following is provided by our friends in the Southeastern Synod. We share this with their permission and our appreciation!

Zoom for Congregational Use

Other Helpful documents when using Zoom

  1. PDF to go along with video for Zoom for Congregational Use.
  2. How to MUTE all participants in Zoom (to be used during times of quiet or one-way directional leading)
  3.  Using BREAKOUT ROOMS in Zoom (When wishing to separate a large group into smaller groups)
  4. ZoomBombing – How Folks Can Take Advantage of Your Meeting and How You Can Prepare.
  5. Seth Godin’s Tips for Video Conference Call Etiquette.
  6. Finally, if you want all viewers to be seen equally in Zoom, choose “Gallery View” instead of “Speaker View.”