Covenant, St. Paris, Partners with Thrive!

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Covenant Lutheran in St. Paris may not be the largest congregation of our synod, but it is making its mark in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the world, whether by giving bicycles to needy children of its community or giving blankets to flood victims in Kentucky. They are also supporting Thrive! through the successful campaign they held earlier this year in which generosity overflowed and gracious members committed $3570 to help our synod do things we could not otherwise dream of doing. Thank you, Covenant!


The good folks at Covenant chose to donate to Thrive! in part because they had benefited from several Thrive! programs, such as the CAGA Storytelling Workshop. But they also are looking to prepare for a new future where, as a smaller congregation in a rural area, it may be difficult to find a pastor. So, some Covenant members are particularly excited about the SAM and TEEM programs (partially funded by Thrive!) that train and authorize lay people to do pastoral ministry.


How about you? Ready to partner with Thrive! and look to a new future? Contact the Thrive! Campaign Manager, Pastor Larry Donner, for more information.