February 13 : Building a Budget

Considering how much the budget influences congregational life and ministry, it deserves serious and intentional attention each year – and not just a simple updating of last year’s version. This workshop is offered for congregational council members, treasurers, stewardship committees, and rostered ministers, and it is offered in February because now is the time to be thinking about how to present next year’s budget!

Pastor Peter Rudowski offers expert guidance on developing a budget that reflects your congregation’s values and supports its mission and then introduces the most effective strategies for presenting the budget to your congregation in a way that encourages member engagement, participation, and support. Despite what you might assume from Pastor Rudowski’s years of experience, he is not talking about your grandparents’ congregational budget!

Pastor Peter Rudowski is a “retired” pastor with more than 30 years of experience in parish ministry who continues to serve the church as a consultant and educator in a variety of areas, including parish administration, leadership, stewardship, congregational planning and development, and – most recently – excellent online Bible studies.

Below is the recording of the Building a Budget workshop from February 13, 2021.

Watch Pr. Pete Rudowski’s into video prior to the session on Feb 16.

These materials will be used during the Budget class:

For the Health of It: The Joy, Art, and Science of Financial Stewardship

Building A Budget Powerpoint