Youth & Family Ministry


Here in the Southern Ohio Synod we are all about connecting and networking. Some events are reocurring while others are placed on the calendar as requested.

To get started...

Add Your Name to the Youth & Family Ministry E-bulletin Distribution List


Consider joining the conversation on the Youth & Family Ministry Facebook Page. Send Gary an email to get an invite.


connect with others through youth & family ministry Cluster meetings. Contact Gary or check the "Calendar" section of the website for upcoming meetings. 


Don't forget to attend our annual Renew Retreat at Lutheran Memorial Camp each November. Visit the "Calendar" section of the website for the dates of the next event and/or visit for details.

Then Go National!

Join the ELCA Youth Ministry Network 

and/or attend the annual Youthworker Extravaganza Event.

The Extravaganza is hundreds of your closest Lutheran Youth Ministry Friends getting together for a time of learning, gleaning, relaxing, sharing, and just plain becoming better at what you do. The event takes place each winter. Visit the "Calendar" section of the website for details. 

And Yep, the ELCA Youth Ministry Network has a Facebook Page as well

Before you know it you will be connecting with other congregations for conversation, events, and trips.

Need some initial help getting connected? Gary would be happy to pay a visit.