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Southern Ohio Synod e-bulletin for Rostered Ministers for the Week of April 22, 2020

Stronger and better together: 
Joining Jesus in the restoration of the world! 

As promised, everything in this e-bulletin pertains to the current COVID-19 pandemic and our response as the Church. Everything below is available on our website. Many of the resources are updated daily. Please check our website and Facebook page regularly and look for emails, like this one, from SOS Communications and Bishop Dillahunt.
Synod News

COVID-19 Resources centralized for easy access to the information you need

Please see our COVID-19 Resources page by clicking on the link below (also found in our Quick Links section on the bottom left of or home page) or select one of the links to a specific section using those links below.

New information in the COVID-19 Resources section you need to know about:

1. New checklists relevant to congregations and members.

2. CARES Act: Information and resources for congregations and individuals

3. CDC Cleaning and Disinfection for Community Facilities: Read this to be ready when congregations can safely meet together again.

4. Link to Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services website. This link is under the ODH CDC Who Resources and Mental Health Resources sections.





Did you miss our post about May 1? Here it is below. Please share with your congregation leaders. Look for an email from Bishop Dillahunt next week and an invite to the April 30 (11 am) conference call.

With May 1 only a short time away, please be thinking about what congregational life should look like, knowing that the COVID-19 virus is still here and there is no cure or vaccine. Bishop Dillahunt and her advisory team are following Governor DeWine's daily press conferences to determine best practices you and your congregation can apply as the Stay at Home Orders are lifted. It is likely that the Governor's team will have recommendations for congregations by the end of this week or early next week.

1) Please do not plan to meet on May 1 or shortly thereafter, but start making plans with the information we do have & 2) look for a message from Bishop Dillahunt next Monday or Tuesday. Bishop Dillahunt plans to hold another conference call with rostered ministers on April 30, so look for that invite in your email.

Thank you for all you are doing to flatten the curve and to love your neighbor as yourself. What we do matters. Continue to be light, especially now, when it is greatly needed.


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'Keeping Stewardship Strong in Uncertain Times' workshop offered again for those who missed it the first time!

In the middle of the pandemic chaos, one SOS congregation following the program outlined in this virtual workshop saw over $500k in leadership gifts for their capital campaign. Find out how your congregation can encourage giving even during uncertainty. April 23 at 11 am EDT.

   Mike Ward


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Recruitment for the 2020 cohort for Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS) extended until May 22

Given the mass disruption in the life of the church and society, Pr. Katie Kerrigan is extending the SAS recruitment period to May 22. Please don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.


Beware scams during this time of COVID-19: Please share these resources with your congregation and family

'Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.' Matthew 10:16

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Video of Pr. Mike Ward's online stewardship workshop available now

Pr. Mike Ward's 'Keeping Stewardship Strong' workshop has been so in demand, that not only are we offering the workshop again on April 23, Pr. Ward has made available a recording of the workshop for you to share with your leadership team.


Pastoral Care and Coaching Resources for Rostered Ministers

Coaching for Rostered Ministers during these unprecedented times

Pr. Mike Weaver, the Southern Ohio Synod Coaching Coordinator, is offering his coaching services to all SOS rostered ministers who would like some additional guidance as they face new challenges in congregational leadership.


Colleague willing to lend an ear if you want to talk

Pr. Mark Nodo has also offered his ear to rostered ministers in our synod who may need someone to talk to and discuss how the pandemic is affecting them, their family, their congregation, etc. This is not a counseling service, although Pr. Nodo is a licensed counselor, but rather a time to be real with a colleague.

Contact Pr. Mark Nodo at or on his cell 614.353.5478.

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Bishop Eaton Black Shirt and Collar 2019  

Bishop Eaton's Earth Day message

As Christians we are guided by the promise expressed in our social statement that we are empowered "to be loving servants to creation." It is our duty to care for God's earth.


MIF and ELCA Credit Union is here to assist customers during this COVID-19 crisis

Both the Mission Investment Fund and the ELCA Federal Credit Union have expressed the willingness and capacity to offer assistance to our investors and borrowers who are facing hardship during the COVID-19 crisis.

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4color Elca Globe  

ELCA Worship News for April 2020

When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain your touch can call us back to life again, fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been; love is come again like wheat arising green. (Evangelical Lutheran Worship 379)


The staff of the Southern Ohio Synod is here for you as you need us. Please reach out to us as you always have if your congregation's leadership needs guidance or support.



A note from Bishop Dillahunt: A prayer for protection and of gratitude while we wait

Pr. Brian Nunnally as he undergoes surgery

Joan Fant, wife of Pr. Dan Fant, as she is hospitalized

Deacon Dr. Timothy Guenther as he recovers from surgery

Pastors, Deacons and others making end of life visits during the pandemic



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