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A note to the synod: Easter Vigil service is up on our YouTube Channel

Easter Vigil YouTube link included!!!!

Dear Partners in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

I and the Synod Staff, earlier this week, recorded a Good Friday service and an Easter Vigil service as a way for all of us to be connected during this important time, even as we cannot be physically together. We pray that these services will inspire you and remind you that Jesus, through the resurrection, has defeated death and has secured eternal life for all who believe. Christ is Risen! And the Good News of Jesus Christ is as much to be celebrated and shared as it ever has been, perhaps even more.

We ask that you watch the services, links provided to our YouTube channel below, with your family or whomever you are staying at home with during this time, in addition to, not in lieu of the services your rostered ministers and lay leaders have planned for you. We thank all of our leaders for their hard work and care they are putting into every word they are preaching, every note they are sharing and every decision they are making to glorify God and, in so doing, keep everyone safe.

How did we keep our staff safe during the recording? Extreme social distancing, especially for Deacon Cory Driver, masks and gloves. It was great to see everyone again, even from a distance! I'm sure you all are greatly missing one another, as we are, but I ask you to stay the course and stay home this weekend and every day until the Governor and Dr. Acton lift the Stay At Home order. Our call has always been and still remains, to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbor (that's everyone) as ourselves. 

A special thanks to Pr. Aaron Layne (who hid out in the sound booth) for recording and piecing these videos together and Advent Lutheran Church for the use of their space and equipment to make these services happen.


Good Friday service


Easter Vigil service:  (Slightly imperfect but all to the glory of God!)


Finally, please join me in praying:

God of Resurrection, as we celebrate Easter apart from each other as communities of faith, we give you thanks for loving us so much as to send your Son, Jesus, for life and salvation. Be with us in this time and bring healing, grace and peace as we boldly proclaim the Gospel and shout Christ is Risen indeed!  Amen


Yours in Christ,

Bishop Suzanne Darcy Dillahunt



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