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Update! 110+ Congregation Leaders Trained to Conduct THRIVE Campaigns


Over 110 Congregation Leaders from congregations across the Synod have now been trained to conduct successful and uplifting Thrive! campaigns. The knowledge and training manual they received will also aid them in conducting special appeals and/or annual stewardship campaigns for their own congregations, thus further benefiting their own mission and ministries.

Furthermore, we are very pleased to announce that, as of November 15th, over $338,000 has been committed to the Thrive campaign from enthusiastic, supportive individuals and congregations all around the Synod territory. Their support is allowing us to already launch initiatives of the Thrive! campaign, such as another Effective Congregation Council training described in the article below, a second Coaching Cohort for pastors, and 10 more congregations taking part in Stewardship for All Seasons.

Many thanks to all who are stepping up to help our congregations and our Synod thrive!


What Others are Saying about Thrive!

The Thrive training my wife and I attended on November 2nd was great. I am so excited about this program and the benefits the churches in the Southern Ohio Synod will receive. This is a wonderful program with a number of facets; one of the greatest programs the Synod has ever done!

Mike Henson, President
Messiah, Urbana





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