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Thrive e-blast 9.24.19: Is THRIVE! Achievable? You bet your donut it is!


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Is Thrive! Achievable?

Think of it this way: Giving $1 per day –– which is about equivalent to buying one basic Dunkin’ Donut per day –– amounts to $1095. But what if we only receive the equivalent of 1 Dunkin’ donut about every nine days –– about $42 per year –– or about $125 total per average worship attendee over 3 years? Here’s what would happen: The Thrive! Campaign Challenge goal of $2,000,000 would be exceeded!


Not convinced? The figures tell the story: $125 given over 3 years X 95 worshippers on average per congregation* = $11,875 per average congregation X 186 congregations = 2,208,750 –– more than 10% above the Challenge goal!

Yes, we know not every worship attendee or every congregation will participate in Thrive! And some people who do take part will not be able to give “a donut every 9 days.” But some people will be able to give more. Indeed, as the excitement builds, and people see and experience the benefits of Thrive!, such as the recent Council President & Other Leader Training, their generosity has been overflowing. Read the article below to see how much.

So, is Thrive! achievable? Pour a cup of coffee and think it over…as you dunk your donut!

*According to the 2017 parochial reports for 186 congregations of the Southern Ohio Synod, weekly worship attendance for all congregations averaged 17,581, which equals an average of about 95 per congregation per week. 11 worshiped 350 +; 24 worshiped between 150 and 349; 92 worshiped between 50 and 150; and 72 between 1 and 49


Generosity Overflows!

The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Cincinnati, Sets Pace for Synod

As “Early Adopters,” The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (LCR) in Cincinnati offered to hold its Thrive! Campaign this fall to help us practice what it takes to run an effective campaign and help set the pace for the rest of the Synod. And set the pace they did!

Having set a goal of $25,000 and shared information about how their church might benefit from Thrive!, LCR completed its campaign on September16th. The response has been overwhelming! Pastor Henry Zorn reports that after last weekend's gifts to Thrive! they are now at 80 individuals or families who have committed to $42,095, including a challenge gift of $3,000 made by one individual if at least 80 commitments would be made.

“I'm guessing we're now at about 95-99% of what we will receive,” said Pastor Zorn, “though I imagine some gifts will continue to trickle in. We'll offer a full accounting and get our first check off to synod in early October. We have collected $29,975 in cash thus far.  Probably 95%, or more of our gifts are one-time gifts.”

We offer our deepest thanks to the people of LCR for this outpouring of generosity and their example of how to lead an effective campaign for the sake of the gospel. They have clearly set the pace for the rest of us!


Watch the Thrive! Council Presentation Video to learn why the members of LCR are supporting Thrive!


Now Is the Time!

Thrive! is about fulfilling our synod’s vision of being “Stronger and Better Together: Joining Jesus in the Restoration of the World” –– and now is the time to take action to help more fully bring the vision to life. Click HERE to learn how you and your congregation can be part of the excitement!

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