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Pr. Drew Tucker receives Lutheran Campus Ministry’s '2019 Hess-Pierson Award'

The following letter is from The Rev. Don Romsa, Program Director for Campus Ministry, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:

During a special awards ceremony, Pastor Drew Tucker was named the recipient of the "2019 Hess-Pierson Award." The Hess-Pierson Award was established to honor Rhonda Hess and Roy Pierson, two students who served as volunteers in campus ministry in California and who died in an automobile accident while driving to a Lutheran Student Movement retreat in 1985. It is given annually to a Lutheran Campus Ministry professional who shows exemplary dedication and service to Lutheran Student Movement-USA (LSM-USA). Nominations for the Hess-Pierson Award come from the student regional representatives who serve on the LSM-USA National Council.

A portion of the nomination letter for Drew from a student reads as follows:

I was lucky enough to have Drew Tucker as my small group leader at the ELCA Discernment Retreat in Georgia where he wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions that made me stop and think. He was constantly challenging us to think about God’s call for us, but still, managed to keep the space humorous and fun. Then a month later I got to work with Drew again at LSM-Memphis since he helped proof and edit my closing sermon. But he also went beyond that assignment and made sure to check on me personally after a pretty tough experience at the National Civil Rights Museum.

I look forward to anytime I get to work with Drew because I know that whatever we are doing is going to be incredibly formative and meaningful yet hilarious and entertaining. I don’t go to Radford, or Capital, or Trinity, but that didn’t stop Drew from embodying such a high level of encouragement, support, and love for me, as I have seen him do for all of the LSM community. He comes every year over his anniversary weekend to be our worship leader and sometimes even drags his wife, which we all love because one of the best parts of Drew is Michelle. They are kind of a package deal and we are the better for it.

Drew Tucker is recognized by students and his campus ministry colleagues as a creative and dynamic Campus Pastor who encourages and empowers students to develop their leadership skills, and to use their gifts and talents for the sake of others.  I hope you will join me in congratulating Pastor Drew Tucker as the recipient of Lutheran Campus Ministry’s “2019 Hess-Pierson Award."


Please join Bishop Dillahunt in congratulating Pr. Tucker on this honor and keeping him and all of our campus ministries in your prayers. We are grateful for your dedication to the young people on your campuses.

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