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Discernment and prayer process for upcoming assembly-All encouraged to participate!


Grace and peace be with you as we enjoy this season of Epiphany.

The Southern Ohio Synod invites you to discernment and prayer as we prepare for the 2019 Synod Assembly.  At Wittenberg University in Springfield, voting members will assemble to conduct Synod business and, through the process of election, call a Bishop for a six year term. As a member of an ELCA and SOS congregation, all members of your congregation have the opportunity to participate in the discernment and prayer process.

Last fall, we created a task force to determine the call process for the Bishop's election. Under the leadership of Rev. Craig Richter, the Call Process Task Force for the Office of Bishop met and prayerfully submitted a plan for our spiritual journey toward the assembly. The Southern Ohio Synod Council unanimously approved a resolution of the plan at its December meeting. You can access a link to the approved resolution by clicking HERE or in the Synod Council Minutes section of the Synod website.

Discernment and prayer materials for Phase One of the process will coincide with the opening of Synod Assembly registration. The Synod Office will distribute the devotional materials to all rostered ministers on our roster and all congregation councils of the Synod through our existing communication channels. Please contact the Southern Ohio Synod Office at (614) 464-3532 or Rev. Craig Richter via email at with any questions.

On behalf of the Synod Council, we invite all members of your congregation to participate in each phase of the discernment process. Your participation will make us Stronger and Better Together...On the Way.



Marjorie B. Ellis
Vice President, Southern Ohio Synod






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