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Situation Update from LSS Disaster Services – Memorial Day 2019 Tornadoes

The Miami Valley Long Term Recovery Group (MVLTRG) continued to serve as the centralized point of activities in response to the Memorial Day tornado outbreak. The group is comprised of over 20 not-for-profit and faith-based organizations in collaboration with local, state, and federal government partners. The bylaws of this group were officially formalized on August 9th and committees (Finance, Material Management, Emotional and Spiritual Care, Disaster Case Management, Volunteer Management, and Housing/Repair & Rebuild) have been defined and many are already meeting regularly. LSS assisted in establishing a central long-term recovery intake line to connect disaster survivors directly with disaster recovery advocates (disaster case managers) to assist in recovery planning. Anyone that needs tornado recovery assistance should dial 2-1-1 or (937) 225-3000. If your church or community group is interested in attending a meeting of the MVLTRG, the next meeting is scheduled for 9:00 am on September 9th at Miami Valley Community Action Partnership (719 S. Main St., Dayton).

The Volunteer Management committee has scheduled a regional Community Cleanup Day for September 14, 2019. This event will include as many municipalities as possible to not only continue cleanup efforts but also to reenergize the volunteer effort in the recovery process. Currently, the three communities identified as participating are Harrison Township, Trotwood and Old North Dayton. The event is scheduled to last from 9am to 3pm. Details on how to participate in this Community Cleanup Day will be listed on the LTRG website – Multiple congregations in the Dayton area plan to participate and LSS is providing logistical support.

The Housing/Repair & Rebuild committee is working to establish its operational policies and outreach methods. An important result of these policies will be to facilitate the inclusion of non-regional volunteer teams. In the recovery process, outside volunteer teams are a force multiplier when it comes to leveraging both monetary and regional labor resources. However, it is critical that a process to engage them and connect them with unmet needs is developed to smoothly integrate their involvement. If your church or community group is interested in participating in the rebuilding proceeds, please contact us.

On August 7, 2019, FEMA announced that the registration deadline for FEMA Individual Assistance was being extended to September 3, 2019. The Small Business Administration also extended its registration deadline to match that of FEMA. The main reason given for the extension was due lower than expected registration rates for certain populations (mainly renters) and the need to allow more time for public announcements to reach those populations and encourage them to register. As of August 30, 2019, all the FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers are closed. Any new registrations before the deadline will need to be made either online or through the FEMA hotline telephone number. If you or anyone that you know experienced property damage and/or uninsured loss from the Memorial Day tornadoes, please register with FEMA before the deadline. 

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