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Reminder! Staffing changes for bishop's office

With the official start of the calendar year, the Southern Ohio Synod Bishop's Office has updated its staff roster and responsibilities to reflect Pr. Jeff Wick's retirement from his position as Assistant to the Bishop. Below is a handy-dandy guide to who-to-call when your congregation has a question or needs assistance. Most responsibilities remain unchanged, but a few have shifted and those are highlighted in gold text below for your convenience.


Rev. Suzanne Darcy Dillahunt

(614) 464-3532, Option 9


Assistant to the Bishop

Rev. Robert (Bob) Abrams

614.464.3532, Option 8

Contact Pr. Abrams for mobility, call process, congregational/rostered minister care and health and governance.


Director for Evangelical Mission

Rev. Katie Kerrigan

614.464.3532, Option 6

Contact Pr. Kerrigan for assistance with stewardship, evangelism, worship and congregational ministry collaboration.



Joy Hacker, CPA

(330) 550-6642

Contact Mrs. Hacker regarding mission support and other ELCA/SOS giving by congregations.


Administrative Assistant to the Bishop and Director for Evangelical Mission

Kim Uemura

(614) 464-3532, Option 1

Contact Kim to schedule a meeting with the Bishop or for help with other miscellaneous questions you may have.


Candidacy Coordinator (Interim)

Rev. Dr. Lynn Nakamura

Contact Rev. Nakamura if you are in the candidacy process in the Southern Ohio Synod.


Director of Communications and Administration

Susan Barton-Nonno

(614) 464-3532, Option 5

Contact Susan for questions about our website, to share news in our weekly e-bulletin, to be added to our weekly e-bulletin distribution, accounting related questions, and any other miscellaneous questions you might have.


Executive Administrative Assistant for Candidacy, Mobility, Roster Management and Call Process

Gabrielle Hudecek

(614) 464-3532, Option 3

Gabrielle works with Pr. Abrams on mobility and call process and Pr. Nakamura on candidacy. She is a good starting point for these areas.


Pulpit Supply Coordinator

Sister Sally Burk


Please contact Sister Sally at least 1 month prior to date you need someone for pulpit supply.


Youth and Family Ministry Coach

Gary Pecuch

(614) 464-3532, Option 4

Contact Gary for anything youth and family ministry related.


Gift Planner (Endowments)

Chris Burnette

If you would like to help fund the vision of the Southern Ohio Mission Territory through a personal donation now or in the future, OR need help establishing an endowment in your congregation, please contact Mr. Chris Burnette, our synod's gift planner, at or (513) 509-8332.

In addition, Susan Barton-Nonno will be working remotely due to some health concerns. At this time, we do not know how long she'll be working remotely, but we'll let everyone know when she's back in the office. She is checking voicemail messages and responding to email as usual. Feel free to contact her as you normally would and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that when calling into the synod office, and you really don't know who to speak to, you always have the option to leave a message in the general mailbox by pressing '0'. You can also, press '1', '3', or '5' to speak to Kim, Gabrielle or Susan and they are always happy to help or refer you to the correct person.

Finally, since we are short staffed, please be patient as we do our best to respond to you in a timely manner. Also, if possible, please check before coming to the synod office unless you have a scheduled meeting, as being down an office staff person does impact our ability to have the office open during our normal business hours. We do our best to make sure we're here when you need us, but we ask for your grace and understanding if we are not.

Make sure to download the PDF version of the who to contact list above and share it with your congregational staff and council members, so they will have the proper contact information when they need it.

You can also, click on the 'Contact' option in the top menu of our website for the same list.

Southern Ohio Synod Who To Contact List 1-2019

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