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ELCA Global Links-April 2017

What are these Global Ministry Projects, anyway?

Throughout the span of Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA, Global Links
has shared updates about the Global Ministry Projects that are happening around the world.

In an effort to better show the impact these projects are having, we invite you to watch this
video about what $100,000 is going to do in Senegal and The Gambia. Each one of these 13
projects is an opportunity to support incredible and life-changing ministries, and we hope this
video inspires you to consider how you and your congregation can become more involved in


'An Afternoon of Football'

Mallory Gonia is an ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission volunteer in Cambodia this year.
Read her blog about how an afternoon of playing football (read: soccer) with some of the
children in the village in which she lives helped her understand accompaniment in a deeper
way. Mallory finishes her blog with this thought: "And I've realized another thing. Suzan, in her invitation to simply be with her and her friends in this moment, her desire to share a part of her life with me, knows far more about accompaniment than I do. Without knowing it, she's teaching me how to accompany her."


'Stations of the Cross from Liberia'

The Rev. Linda Johnson-Seyenkulo is serving as a missionary in Liberia and recently wrote a
blog, "Stations of the Cross from Liberia." She encourages those who read it to reflect,
meditate and pray throughout the 13 stations. Not only is this blog a powerful opportunity for
reflection this Lent, it is also a wonderful opportunity to read the stations of the cross through
the lens of someone living in Liberia.


Global Church Pentecost Sunday booklet

To continue providing resources for you and your congregation as we celebrate the Global
Church theme year of The Campaign for the ELCA, another resource has been created.
Please check out our new Pentecost Sunday booklet, and take a look at a variety of ideas for engaging your congregation and celebrating the Global Church.


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